Go Emilie – #Anglican #Priest takes #Environmental Activism to the streets

emilie-smith-n-west-signNew Westminster Anglican Rev. Emilie Smith is making the news these days for her activism in Canada — and Latin America.

The feisty priest was recently in the B.C.media for the colourful way she took on the unknown idiots persistently dumping trash on the grounds of St. Barnaby’s parish in New Westminster.

releasing acid drainage and deadly arsenic into communities’ usable water? – See more at: http://postmediavancouversun.wordpress.com/?p=156817&preview=true#sthash.8OXfgsQx.dpuf

The Vancouver Sun covered the story under this headline: “New Westminster church ‘warns’ people to stop dumping trash on God’s turf.”

But Smith is creating more international waves for her campaign against the mining practices of major gold companies, including Canada’s Goldcorp.

Goldcorp was recently in the B.C. news for making a $500,000 donation to UBC’s Engineering department, to help women advance in engineering. It also donates to the Special Olympics.

But Goldcorp is making a different kind of news for its practices in Latin America, where Smith maintains Goldcorp is hurting communities and the environment.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2014/06/19/vancouver-anglican-priest-confronts-trash-dumpers-and-gold-miners/



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