The Big Climate Change Report

earth burningThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just published its report on the science of climate change.
Key Points:
● The report shows with greater clarity and certainty than ever before that climate change is real, caused by human activity and requires urgent action. There is now 95% certainty that climate change is caused by humans (it was 90% last time).
● This is the most comprehensive, authoritative state of the science report that there is, with more than 600 authors, over 1,000 reviewers, and more than 9,000 peer­reviewed studies.
● It’s likely that the world will exceed two degrees global temperature rise by the end of this century. Two degrees is the internationally recognised danger limit ­ even this level will cause much suffering.
●Sea levels will probably rise by between 40cm and 63cm by the end of the century. They’ve risen by 20cm since 1971.
● Over the last ten years, the temperature has risen slightly slower than expected, but IPCC scientists say this is not unreasonable, given normal variations in the climate system. Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer at the earth’s surface than any preceding decade since 1850 and in the Northern Hemisphere, 1983–2012 was likely the warmest 30­year period of the last 1400 years.
So what? Governments must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We must burn less fossil fuel, generate more renewable energy, and use less energy. Rich countries need to keep their promise of funds to help poor countries cope with the changing climate and find low carbon ways to develop.
People need to reduce our own carbon emissions without waiting for governments, but also to ask governments and organisations to act faster.
The church needs to speak out and pray for governments to act, remind people there’s more to life than the amount of stuff we own, serve people feeling the impact of climate change, and take care of the world God made.
About the IPCC The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC is a United Nations body consisting of 2,500 of the world’s top climate scientists. They work on a voluntary basis, alongside their roles in academia, to bring together and analyse scientific reports about the climate. Every 6 years they come together to publish a huge report about climate change. The summary is here and the detailed report (all million words and thousand diagrams of it) will be at TEAR FUND


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