WE HAVE FAITH acts for Climate Justice Now

As the United Nations Climate Change Meeting called “COP 19” in Warsaw, Poland approaches, a vital group of youth and adults gathered to craft the MAPUTO STATEMENT.https://i0.wp.com/safcei.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/We-Have-Faith-Maputo-Sep-2013.jpg

Goto http://safcei.org/expanding-vibrant-and-ready-for-action-now/

for an article and to download and consider the statement in your own context. From the statement itself . . .

We, members of faith communities and civil society from the Southern and Eastern African countries meeting in Maputo 7–8 September, believe the nations of the world need to take immediate action to prevent runaway climate change. This means radically reducing carbon emissions to restore the health of the planet and needs to be addressed with a greater sense of urgency than given to the financial crisis.
We are deeply concerned about the state of unreality being shown by most countries of the world. The vast majority of scientists, 98.5%, acknowledge that climate change is human induced. If we continue with ‘business as usual’, escalating the emission of greenhouse gases, we face a perilous and chaotic future.
We therefore call on World leaders – as we did in Durban in 2011 – to be honest. We cannot fool the natural environment. Let political leaders, business, industry and mining acknowledge the reality of climate change and the perilous position human and all life on this planet is facing, and place the well-being of people and the planet before financial gain. Finance must be used to serve people and the health of the planet, not vice-versa . . .


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