Dear friends

Greetings from Western Canada, and as we move towards Pentecofrackingst Sunday, may the Holy Spirit be with you all in your various circumstances and local environments.

I seek your input please.

Part of our ACEN mandate is to support and encourage local actions around environmental concern in provinces throughout the communion.  In many provinces the issue of fracking, that is a method of drilling for and extracting natural gas called hydraulic fracturing is emerging as a priority concern. People are asking for information about the technology and seek suggestions for appropriate response.

In a few days time I will share a template for local action which I know will interest many of you. First however, I need your help to identify local faith-based initiatives from all over the communion.

I was recently impressed by the approach of Christians in Ireland. Others will engage, research and advocate in different ways in places.

Please send me your stories by Tuesday, May 7, local time. 

Many thanks, Ken Gray+   ACEN Secretary

Sample links include






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