Bishop Christopher’s ode to fracking

frackingPrompted by World Water Day, I offer the following verses in the campaign against the threatened destructive fracking (shale gas mining) in the Karoo or anywhere else. I suggest that we need to involve our children in this campaign, as the threat will never go away.

Frack and Drill

Frack and drill went up the hill
To find a source of water.
They fracked deep down
And cracked earth’s crown:
A natural disaster.

Frack and drill sent in their bill,
And fell about with laughter:
“It’s quite a gas,
Our chemical
Has poisoned all their water!”

Piet and Griet crawled into town,
To beg a sip of water,
A crust of bread,
A concrete bed,
And wait for the hereafter.

Bishop Christopher Gregorowski


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