Animals were also weeping at the foot of the cross

robinSometimes we forget that animals and birds also loved Jesus and wept at the cross.. Here is a beautiful poem called ‘the Song of the Bird’ by Sylvia Sands:

He loved us,
birds of the air.
Listen to his stories
of ravens and  eagles
and even sparrows:
two sold for a farthing,
and not one falls to the ground
without the Father knowing.

Here I am
perched on his cross
eyeing those thorns
burrowing blackly and blindly
burrowing secretly, searingly
into his brow

Tell me
where is that damned dreamy dove of peace now?
His beak is longer and stronger than mine.

Look, I’ve tried
I’ve flown into,
under his sweat-soaked
once beautiful hair.
I’ve tried to wrench out
one, just one of those thorns.
I’ve beaten – nearly broken my wings
against his face
and all I’ve done is
to draw more blood
Fierce are those thorns
force-driven into his head.

With what strength I have left
I am flying
flying away from my failure
flying away lest I forget
the music trapped in my breast
for sunset and dawn:
flight and music –
his gifts.

As I fly
a hoard of young sparrows
come twittering and taunting
laughing and crying after me:
Red breast, Red breast
Who ever saw a red breast before?

I glance down as I fly and
see my breast flame crimson
against the gathering dusk

The fellowship  of his sufferings:
in my heart, as if to break it
creep sunset and dawnbreak,
and in my soul a new song is born
with which to greet them


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