OK, I admit, I haven’t a clue what a ‘wonder box’ is. The suggested activity for Thursday, March 21st is ‘Consider purchasing or making a wonder box.’

So I guess . . . It must be a cooking device, using renewable energy, something like a solar cooker. Maybe it’s a box of foods produced and distributed locally. Possibly such a box is an assembly of food one would give to a friend or neighbour or a special display to inspire a child.

One of the challenges in producing a global awareness programme is using language everyone can appreciate and understand. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

After investigation http://www.iwillprepare.com/cooking_files/Wonder_Box.htm I have learned that a wondwb1er box is a heat retention cooker. After you bring your food to a boil, (so it is heated throughout) using any number of cooking methods, you remove it from the heat source and quickly place the pot inside the wonder box. The major benefit of the Wonder Box is to reduce the fuel you need to cook your meals. One source stated that you can save up to 80% wb2of your needed fuel by using a Wonder Box because the heat used for simmering is eliminated.

Great idea, good effect, all in an effort to reduce fuel consumption, use less energy produced through fossil fuel extraction, and keep carbon in the ground where it belongs.



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