ACEN web plateIf blogs, email, social networking and the internet are all about connecting, here’s another connective destination, the Anglican Communion Environmental Network (ACEN).

This blog is initiated through the efforts of two ACEN members, Revs. Ken Gray and Rachel Mash. Both work full time for their respective Anglican churches in Canada and South Africa in parish or justice ministry. Both gather with other Anglicans concerned for creation, in rare instances at face-to-face meetings but primarily through electronic communication.

Anglican Communion General Secretary Canon Kenneth Kearon recently described the networks as the ‘future of the communion.’ Cynics might suggest he did so because networks are cheap. Comprised of volunteers there is only a sole coordinator position associated with networks at the communion level. A more thoughtful interpretation is that networks gather like-minded, ministry focused individuals who make ministry happen.

Such ministry however required coordination, encouragement, resources and a sense of community. The ACEN connects Anglican environmentalists globally through a list serve and through the publication of monthly digests. Digests are archived at

What’s in a Digest? Take a browse. Recent headings included

AN INITIATIVE – Carbon Fast Blog attracts Interest

A PUBLICATION – Gandhi, Ecology & World Religions

A MEDIA PROGRAMME – Letters to the future: Eco-justice visions in South Africa

A PROJECT UPDATE – Land for Life, Andrew and Maria Leake in Argentina.

A STUDY RESOURCE – Sabbath Reflections: Capitalism and Inequity versus a Gospel Mandate – a series of seven studies written by Bishop George

AN ACADEMIC PUBLICATION – The Spiritual Dimension of Global Change


The digest and this blog are a couple of ways the ACEN achieves its aims, thus:

To encourage Anglicans to support sustainable environmental practices as individuals and in the life of their communities.

To provide information about policies embraced by synods, councils and commissions, and especially by the instruments of Unity (Statements by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Resolutions and Reports of the Lambeth Conference and the Anglican Consultative Council)

To support local initiatives by providing information about ideas and best practices developed around the communion.

To share information about resources and initiatives that may be of value to Anglicans everywhere.

To provide an opportunity for interested Anglicans to meet both as a formal network, and informally via electronic media.

So friends, let us encourage one another and strengthen out witness. Let us build up these good works in our local communities, for Christ and creation, together.

Ken Gray+


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