Stan Parker is an Anglican who worships at the Church of the Advent in Victoria, BC, Canada. He is a retired naval officer, well accustomed to working with, and on water. Of water, in this the first week of Lent, he writes:

Unless the Hot Water Tank in your house is right next to the sink, four to six litres of water will go down the drain before the warm water starts to flow, every time you open the hot water tap. Think of how often you and your family runs the hot water; preparing meals, washing hands, doing the dishes, etc. That’s an awful lot of potable water being wasted during the course of a year. The solution is simple: an Ice Cream bucket holds four litres and will fit nicely under the taps in most sinks and basins. A standard pail under the sink will hold the contents of several Ice Cream Buckets. A couple of pails of water each day will help keep your garden green all summer long. During the fall and winter, when the garden doesn’t need your ministrations, remember, a modern toilet only uses 6 litres to flush and even on old fashioned one needs 13 litres (that’s  the 2 1/2 gallon standard pail). House plants can also benefit from what you have saved. It won’t save the planet, but it is one small step in the right direction.

So I want to hear from the rest of you, what water-saving solutions have you. I would love to hear from folks living outside North America and Western Europe. Water is life . . . and how we waste it, spoil it, under-value it. What do you do with water? Click on the comment symbol to the right of the title of this post and reply with your ideas. Seventy-eight people read the blog on Feb 18. Once you comment, the number can only triple.

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