The Carbon Fast prayer for the First week of Lent reads:

Lord, give me a heart for your people already affected by climate change around the world. Help me to understand their needs and do my part to reduce their suffering, through lifestyle choices and political action.

To help us appreciate the effects of CC on particular communities in specific nations, this author is grateful for a series of descriptions of CC impacts developed by the United Kingdom Meteorological Office.

Titled Climate: observations, projections and impacts, countries included in the research include:

(from the introductory notes)

Understanding the potential impacts of climate change is essential for informing both adaptation strategies and actions to avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

But assessing the impacts is scientifically challenging and has, until now, been fragmented. To date, only a limited amount of information about past climate change and its future impacts has been available at national level, while approaches to the science itself have varied between countries.

In April 2011, we were asked by the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to begin a project to compile scientifically robust and impartial information on the physical impacts of climate change for more than 20 countries.

A report on the observations, projections and impacts of climate change has been prepared for each of those countries.

Each report contains:

  • A description of key features of national weather and climate, including an analysis of new data on extremes.
  • An assessment of how man-made climate change has altered the risk of temperature extremes.
  • A prediction of future climate conditions, based on climate model projections used in the Fourth Assessment Report from the IPCC.
  • The potential impacts of climate change, based on results from the UK’s Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change programme ( AVOID) and supporting literature.

The authors of the reports were drawn from many UK research institutes. View a full list of the authors and their affiliations.

Thanks to Rachel Mash for sharing this important data. It can be complicated reading but if your country is listed above, check it out. Sadly Canada is not on the list but the USA data is interesting and informative to me.

Happy reading, Grace and compassion, Ken Gray+



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