Now environmental consciousness demands we consider the package itself. When you think about it, the amount of resources and energy that goes into packaging is enormous. Most of that energy goes into a single-use action followed by, at the best, recycling, and at the worst outright disposal.

Some can remember a simpler time when you took your own carrying vessels to the ‘general store’ and filled up with necessary staples and other goods. And here in North America a significant shift has taken hold in many places. You almost feel ashamed to ask for paper or plastic bags.

Anglicans in Malaysia recently participated in no-plastic-bag days, with good effect.

A recent trend locally is a coffee machine which produces a single cup of coffee in any desired flavour. And of course, each variety is INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED. The ratio of wrapping to product is roughly speaking one to two. Frightful!

One additional theme today. In North American, all eyes are on Barach Obama who will shortly give his decision on the Keystone-XL pipeline which will take bitumen from Canada’s Alberta tar sands through US territory to coastal ports for export worldwide. The president has been more forthright about climate change response than any other NA politician to date. This is a watershed (sic) moment for sure.

Currently in the US, some Canadian entrepreneurs have commenced manufacturing of green technology, esp. solar panels, and given the subsidies available in some states, have achieved significant profits. The truth is that green technology can benefit creation and the economy alike. If artificial subsidies to the petroleum industry were re-directed away from non-renewables, think what could happen.

Ken Gray

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