Matthew  6; 16-18

Jesus said ‘ and when you fast , do not look dismal like the hypocrites , for they disfigure their faces so as to show others they are fasting’

As I picture Jesus, such a gifted speaker, telling this story.  I am sure he also pulled a long, gloomy face as he said it. And perhaps his audience, and especially the children  would have rolled about and laughed out loud. And through their laughter understood the many truths his teaching must have awakened in them.

As we undertake this carbon fast, let us do it with love, joy and a sense of humour. We start our Lenten walk with an  understanding of  our responsibility to brothers and sisters impacted by climate change. We repent of the impact of our life-style on those most vulnerable. We undertake this fast as part of our spiritual walk with Jesus. And on this walk we will find a way to lives that are simpler, healthier, less stressful , and more inter-connected with our neighbours.

Rev Rachel Mash (with thanks to Rev Rus Blassoples)



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